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Weddings, Receptions & Special Events

Turn-of-the-Century Charm.
Let the splendid grounds of the McGrath Ranch & Garden become the picture-perfect setting for your magical outdoor wedding ceremony, reception or upcoming special event. Offering the rich tradition of one of Ventura County’s founding families, the McGrath Ranch & Garden invites you and your guests to delight in the same lush gardens, fantastic grounds, and sweet, turn-of-the-century charm that has historically transformed celebrations into the memories of a lifetime.

History and Tradition: Built in 1908, the magnificent early Craftsman-style residence has been the McGrath family home for four generations. Majestic fir and palm trees planted to honor the birth of McGrath children now share their beauty as the backdrop for other families’ special celebrations and events. Caring for lemon and avocado orchards and harvesting holiday pumpkins to the delight of neighborhood children, the McGrath’s continue to enrich the community today.

Rural Ventura County Setting: A white picket fence welcomes guests to the idyllic grounds of a true working farm as the white clapboard home trimmed with dark green, a brick entryway, and dormer windows typical of the period completes the mood. 

Lush, Lovely Gardens: A sweep of manicured lawn in front of the house boasts floral arrangements in almost every color of the rainbow. Hanging baskets of fuchsia spill over like magenta raindrops; bowers of lacy green ferns and violet agapanthus cluster around tree trunks while fragrant white roses striped with lipstick-pink perfume the air. 

Enchanting Grounds: At the center of the lawn, a giant queen date palm stretches its branches wide for filtered shade providing a natural clearing for the catering service of your choice to set up dining tables and chairs. Follow the lawn as it curves around toward the side of the home where the magnolia reigns at the entrance to a traditional bricked courtyard. Here, intimate courtyard wedding ceremonies can unfold beneath luxurious foliage and an archway entwined with white-blossomed vines, as friends and family gather close enough to hear every word.

Guest Amenities: Our wish is to make the bridal party comfortable on their special day. An area for the bride is located in the BBQ house within the yard.  This area is solely for the bride and her attendees.  Chalked lines create ample parking in the barnyard which allows the guests to acclimate to the ranch setting before entering the wedding garden.

Capacity for events: 175 guests

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